Some of of the Craft Geeks in action!

Some of the Craft Geeks in action!

Every item we make is something that we wanted to have for ourselves first off and now we want to share them all with you!

The Craft Geeks started in an afterschool science program (Future Science Leaders) and all students involved agree that doing crafts is fun but science crafts are better! Once supplies have been paid, all money is donated for more science and technology programs.

We originally started under the name Two Cultures. More than ever, the ideas of science are expanding their previously defined borders and making important impacts in other disciplines like art, sports, and music. Our shop was inspired by the idea of C.P. Snow; he believed that the evident split between sciences and humanities was a major hindrance to solving the world’s problems. If we can begin to see the multi-disciplinary links between problems and concepts, we will be on track for making some amazing progress when it comes to theories and crises.

With the help of our homemade science treats and gifts, we hope to show that science can be extremely creative and artsy. We noticed that there are not very many options available for cute, homemade geeky items like the ones we have made.

As our group grew, we adopted the name Craft Geeks.

Also, our new name better fit our goals and purposes. We create our items because we like crafting and we want to share them with everyone. Our items are the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves science and a guilt-free spurge to treat yourself as well!