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Mini Maker Faire 2016

We were just at the Mini Maker Faire in Vancouver. If you are looking for information on the robots or catapult, please go to Explore Making. This is always so much fun! It is great to interact with other makers and our cross stitch kits were a big hit! We tried out some new things […]

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Have a Diatom-ical Halloween!

Fact is often stranger than fiction. Forget the tall tales of spirits, witches and ware wolves there are many life forms hiding in plain sight. Diatoms and dinoflagellates are microscopic algae. Diatoms form ornate cell walls out of silica. While dinoflagellates have diverse and complex cell coverings, including cellulose plates which form an armour. Diatoms […]

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Have you ever had a hard time finding a gift for a scientist? Something that they will actually like? Well, look no further. We were working in the lab on research and writing and realized how much we love everyday items that have a science spin. For scientists, geeks, makers and crafters, we are just […]

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