Have you ever had a hard time finding a gift for a scientist? Something that they will actually like? Well, look no further.

We were working in the lab on research and writing and realized how much we love everyday items that have a science spin. For scientists, geeks, makers and crafters, we are just the shop you have been looking for. We use typical science items like beakers to put a spin on regular homemade crafts like candles and ornaments.

Plus ALL proceeds will be donated to science outreach in Vancouver, Canada.

The Craft Geeks started in an outreach program and all high school students involved agree that once supplies have been paid, all money will be donated for more science outreach. Doing the crafts is fun and getting to do science crafts is even better!

Mini Maker Faire 2016

We were just at the Mini Maker Faire in Vancouver. If you are looking for information on the robots or catapult, please go to Explore Making.

This is always so much fun! It is great to interact with other makers and our cross stitch kits were a big hit!

Our new kit!

Our new kit!

We tried out some new things too – partnering with Explore Making as well as some new candle kits. Yes, you can make your own beaker candles! These deserve their own blog post so stay tuned!


Introducing Kits

If you love making things as much as we do, there’s nothing better than a good DIY kit to inspire your next crafting project. With all the necessary supplies ready and waiting, it’s a lot easier to get started and let your creative impulses take flight when you have a solid foundation to build off of. Kits are a great way to explore a different kind of creative process and try something new for the first time. Also (in my opinion), the only thing better than buying something wonderfully geeky is getting a chance to make it yourself.

Tetris Heart - KIT

Our Tetris Heart Cross Stitch Kit

That’s why we’re excited to announce that this year at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire we will be debuting multiple new cross stitch kits as well as the return of some of our DIY bestsellers. Our sushi candle kits will be back by popular demand, giving you a chance to create your own beeswax candles that sometimes look dangerously similar to the real thing (well maybe only if you’re feeling especially hungry). Our cross stitch kit range also has something for everyone so whether you are an absolute beginner or experienced crafter there’s a pattern for everyone.

Our Sushi Candles 

We hope that expanding our line of kits will give others the opportunity to experience the same crafting and creating that we love.

Plus making cool stuff is fun.

Happy Making and we’ll see you at Maker Faire!

-the CraftGeeks





Have a Diatom-ical Halloween!

Fact is often stranger than fiction. Forget the tall tales of spirits, witches and ware wolves there are many life forms hiding in plain sight. Diatoms and dinoflagellates are microscopic algae. Diatoms form ornate cell walls out of silica. While dinoflagellates have diverse and complex cell coverings, including cellulose plates which form an armour. Diatoms and dinoflagellates are found almost everywhere including both fresh and salt water and other wet surfaces such as soil. Try as you might there is no escaping their presence!

We are experimenting with creating a diatom & dinoflagellate glow in the dark mobile for upcoming craft fairs and for sale on Etsy. Stay tuned!

The mobile features (from left to right): Odontella sp, Karenia sp, Ceratium sp.

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Maker Faire 2015

The CraftGeeks were at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this past weekend for our second year running.


It was an awesome weekend full of amazing projects and a chance to connect with other makers and DIYers in our Vancouver community.


Our Booth at Maker Faire

We were pleased to discover that quite a few people remembered our booth from last year and had been pursuing cross stitch on their own and were back for more patterns and kits, a collection that has more than doubled since last year. Specially for Maker Faire we introduced our brand new T.A.R.D.I.S. kit for all the Doctor Who fans out there.


A Caffeine Molecule in Progress

Speaking of kits, for the first time ever our sushi candle kits made their debut. We’ve had sushi candles available on our etsy store for quite some time now but we decided that in the DIY spirit of Maker Faire it would be great to have kits available for people to take home and create their own candles with.


From this…


To this…


To the Finished Product!

We had a blast at Maker Faire and can’t wait for the next one!

Make It Vancouver 2014 Recap

Now that the busy holiday season is behind us, its time to recap our experience at Make-It Vancouver.

As our first major Craft Fair, I’m pleased to say it was an overwhelming success. By the end of the 4 days we were sold out of many of our products and were busy stitching and printing more in between customers to keep up with the demand. Our “It’s a Small World” Set, especially the DNA ornament, was a big hit.

Full set of 'It's a Small World' Christmas ornaments - with bonus test tube ornament

It was great to not only get to chat with customers about our products but also talk about what inspired our designs and the science behind our projects. Many people there had never gotten the chance to see a 3D-printer up close, so kids and adults were equally hypnotized by it busily printing our virus ornaments and DNA icicles.

I’ve always thought that one of the greatest appeals about craft fairs is being able to meet the people you were buying things from and being able to hear the stories behind the things they make rather than just picking them up off a shelf. As a vendor at a craft fair its also really cool to meet the people buying your products; from people who heard about us online to science teachers looking for gifts for their class it certainly was a diverse crowd. One of my favorites was a mom who noticed her child really wanting one of our animal scientists and secretly came back later and bought it to surprise them for Christmas.

The CraftGeeks had a great time at our first Craft Fair and we can’t wait for the next one.

See you at Maker Faire in June!


Stitching on Aida vs. Cloth

After unearthing a stamped cross stitch set that was older than I am from my grandmother’s basement, I discovered that stitching on cloth is an entirely new experience from the precise, even grid of aida cloth that I’d once known. The pattern, a bunch of birdhouses and flowers with birds flitting around was bigger than any of the small binary hearts or animals I’d stitched, and having to follow stamped grey crosses rather than the grain of aida seemed difficult to say the least.


Look at those nice, even rows. Image credit xstitchdesign.co

Look at those nice, even rows. Image credit xstitchdesign.co

What makes aida cloth great for cross stitch is that it has evenly spaces rows of holes that are easy to create even, uniform stitches in. With cloth, that framework is gone and you have to use your own judgment on where the needle should go, while ensuring the stitches are similar in size. While the cloth was more difficult to work with, I was also able to add details to my work which I couldn’t do on aida, like embroider areas and add decorative knots.


My work in progress. See the Xs printed on the cloth?

My work in progress. See the Xs printed on the cloth?

In the beginning, I made slow progress. I kept putting my needle in crookedly resulting in some uneven crosses of varying sizes, but after a few rows it became easier to judge the placement of the needle. I didn’t have to worry about needle placement as much while using the aida, as it has premade holes that you can easily space your stitches in. I felt I had to pay more attention while stitching with cloth!

If you’ve never stitched with cloth, don’t be afraid! All it takes is a little extra attention and time to learn where to place your needle, and soon you’ll be cloth stitching like a pro.

Featured Project: Make Robot

The Make Robot!

As summer stretches before us with seemingly endless days of sipping cold drinks in the sun or swimming at the lake, what better time to pick up a new, geeky craft? Cross stitch is a type of needlework that should be taken literally: you are simply stitching crosses using embroidery thread into often fun (and geeky) designs. Experienced stitcher? Great! Absolute beginner?  All our CraftGeeks kits come with easy to follow instructions to get you started with cross stitch. We’re also planning on making video tutorials in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. Read More

Craft Geeks at Maker Faire

The Craft Geeks first ever Maker Faire was a great success.

It was a busy but fun weekend. We got the chance to debut a bunch of new products which have now been added to our Etsy store.

The cross stitch kits were a big hit. We had the binary heart kits for beginners as well as the animal scientists and Christmas patterns available for those who wanted a bigger challenge. We’ll be adding patterns each week to our Etsy store.

I think everyone was inspired by the creative atmosphere and wanted to try their hand at D.I.Y. We had sushi candles for sale but maybe next year we will sell the kits to make the candles.

It was great to have face to face interaction with customers and hear their feedback and ideas on our products as well as suggestions for future projects. Read More

Maker Faire Prep!

We have been very busy getting all our items ready for Maker Faire Vancouver!IMG_20140516_173548

Recently made a new batch of beaker candles! Green pear, red pomegranate, blue calming water and white creamsicle!

We also have some new items that will be premiering this weekend at the faire 🙂 We hope to see you there! We’re excited to get feedback on our items and hopefully meet some other enthusiastic crafters.

Here is a sneak preview: